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HOLLYWOOD, CIRCA 2004 - Elizabeth Starr considers the production company that bears her last name a "house of a hundred fetishes," with a catalog that includes fetish titles that range from smoking to big bust videos and everything in between.

"We do all of the major fetishes and pretty much all of the minors ones as well," says Starr.

Although Starr Productions launched earlier this year, they already have more than 350 titles in their catalog, boosted by the acquisition of the 330-plus titles Fetish Films/Mother's Productions fetish video catalog from the former owner.

"It was a smart business move. You can't go to a distributor and say, 'Hi, I've just started a company and I have two titles, and I would like you to order some of them,'" Starr said. "Having a product they are already familiar with helps, and I wanted something that would carry me while I got things started."

Starr is quick to note that the 25 videos that she has produced since launching Starr in January are entirely different than the Fetish Films/Mother Productions catalog titles. In fact, Starr has chosen to continue only the two most popular lines, The Adventures of Nurse Lick, a medical fetish series, and the Lady Ass Lickers, an ass-worship series, and even those will appear very different to fans of the series.

"The only thing that hasn't changed is the speculum in the Nurse Lick series and the ass-licking in Lady Ass Lickers series," Starr said, saying the viewers will find that the videos she directs for those series contain much higher production values across the board, with bigger name talent and more creativity.

Ironically, Starr, who is also a veteran big bust performer with more than 130 titles to her credit, began her adult video career with Mother Productions. "My friend Elliot James from Score referred me to the owner of Mother and that was my first fetish film," she said.

Starr, who directs her own titles, and usually operates the camera as well, occasionally still takes a turn as a performer, though never in a hardcore scene. "One of the advantages of having been in adult video is that if talent doesn't show up for one of the scenes, I just go to hair and make-up and step in."

Having been a performer for a decade also means that Starr has strong ties to the adult community and is able to attract some of the top names in adult to her projects – including Ron Jeremy, who has signed on to be featured in one of Starr's favorite series, Back to the 50's Burlesque, a light-hearted tribute to burlesque. Jeremy will be the series emcee, introducing burlesque acts and dropping a few jokes as he goes.

Starr is most excited about her big bust features, comedies that she says are along the lines of something Russ Meyer, an admitted influence on her work, might do. "I like writing big bust comedies and I like having fun, and it shows in your work when you really care about it," she said

Other plans for Starr Productions include fleshing out their fetish productions so that every fetish is represented. "We're aiming to having something for everyone, sometimes all in one video. We have a very broad perspective on sexuality, and our catalog will represent that," Starr said.

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