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“On The Set of Busted 2!”
Elizabeth Starr
(Read this article in Gent magazine)

I haven’t acquired my bad girl reputation and my status as the Queen of big bust cult comedies by being afraid to express myself both verbally and sexually. When you first step onto an Elizabeth Starr movie set prepare to be both ‘mind-fucked’ and ‘titty-fucked’ because I will never let you leave the same as when you arrive.

If Russ Meyer, Benny Hill and Ed Wood had tits and they collaborated on shooting porn, they would have, without a doubt created one of my films.

I’m not your typical chick who shoots typical “Oh baby, fuck me up the ass” porn. So, if you’re not looking for the norm then ‘Keep stroking’ because you’re about to get off on a different kind of ride! Welcome to my wackiest whack-off flick yet, Busted 2!

4 pm

Its call time for hair and makeup; my production crew of twenty and seven busty actresses arrive on location in downtown LA. I’m fashionably late as always but this time I’m stuck beside the 101 freeway in Hollywood trying to thumb a jumpstart for my rented cop car. This was a special 70’s Junker

I paid eighteen hundred clams for so Rod Long and Ron Jeremy could chase the Bra Buster gang of criminals around Boobieville trying to get laid.

In frustration, I kick the tire while I try to call for help only to discover my cell phone is dead. In desperation, I bend my tight panty less ass over and loosen my bra straps to attempt to flag down the next guy or girl who will start my engine; or at the very least lick my willing pussy.

5:11 pm

With help from the City’s finest I finally arrive at the location with scripts, costumes and vibrator in hand. Tits and attitudes are flying in my face as the girls clamor around me with complaints and questions.

Summer Cummings asks me if her boobs look good in her wife beater

T-shirt. Before I can answer, she wants to know if I had our pyrotechnics guy adjust the fuses on her dynamite sticks so she can practice blowing up the jail cell.

Minka squeezes her way into the circle, accidentally knocking me down with her titanic tits. While I dust myself off she informs me she needs two scripts so she can translate her dialogue from English to Korean for her first sex scene with Summer Cummings! Next, Kandi Cox has to know how many different positions I want to shoot while she is fucking Dino Bravo. I explain that as long as her character Betty Blowtorch gives him a good blowjob I’ll be happy, and so will he.

Just when I thought my head stopped spinning, my little sister Alexis Starr started huffing about her outfit not fitting. As with any fashion emergency,

I graciously slid my hand up her mini skirt and clipped her 6’1 nylons onto her garter belt. When the excitement died down I cracked open a beer as Puma Swede asked me to adjust her sexy knee socks, in Swedish.

It was at that moment I realized I must be the luckiest girl in the world.

6:30 pm

It’s time for dinner and drinks with our fans. I invited ten lucky winners of my ‘Tit, Head Crushing’ Contest and their guests to join us for a meet and greet on the set of Busted 2. Whitney Wonders welcomed the magazine photographers by flashing them her big rack while Daphne Rosen offered the many on lookers a first class touch and feel as she signed autographs. Since Starr Productions is an equal opportunity employer, Ron Jeremy licked and sucked the willing jugs of the female winners as he happily marked his X on them.

7:43 pm

After feeding fifty people with a first class spread, giving away lots of decadent porn, mingling with naughty boys and girls and watching Miss Cummings indulge in her own titty shots it was time to shoot our cover.

Due to the fact that my participants were slightly intoxicated it took about a half hour before everyone would calmly take their positions. I spread eagle on the floor in front of my actors and clicked away. After a few photos I moved behind the crowd to pose with the girls as they stripped away their tight tops, unleashing some extreme cleavage.

This prompted Ron Jeremy to attempt to attach his mouth around every pair of areolas he could find. Being the hooter man that Ronnie is, he immediately noticed my little sisters’ new boob Job. Ron homed in like a signal on a house arrest tracking device, attempting to take her twins on a test drive. Since my sister is a ‘badge bunny’, a term for chicks that get off on fucking real cops, she denied Ron his moment of glory to deflower some fresh new pussy. Ronnie eventually settled on being allowed to perform his famous “Come in Tokyo” test on my sisters’ perky double D’s.

8:24 pm

My crew sets up ‘The Poker Room’, which is a tits and ass scene. The Mob boss Squidalini (Daddy Mac Nasty) wants to take over the City so he devises a plot to send his half-wit son Gags (Jerry Doofus) to infiltrate Precinct 69. The only hang up is the mob and my camera guys are too busy looking at Inga’s hooters to follow the plan or my script.

9:30 pm

I was looking forward to shooting this scene. It was the first time Minka and Summer had sex together! As I began to shoot video I discovered the jail cell was too small for the three of us to maneuver due to our gigantic jugs so

I propped myself at the top of a ladder in the next cell. The girls started off with a little breast play rubbing and sucking one another. Summer dived into Minka’s wet muff, flicking her swollen clit around with that incredibly long tongue she has. Minka became extremely horny, grabbed Summer’s

strap-on bent her over and fucked her till she couldn’t scream anymore!

10:45 pm

Summer and I hog-tied Puma for her scene with Daphne. I went for her sweet little wrists while my partner in crime tied the rope around Puma’s ankles so tight it took Daphne fifteen minutes to untie her before they could have sex. Before I could yell ‘action’ I was in the middle of some heavy petting. Puma jumped onto Daphne and they began to grind their pussies together. They moved into a hot 69 flipping each other over to the missionary position, munching away! The two girls stood up and slammed against the wall of the elevator pulling hair and kissing. As Puma orgasmed the girls knocked over the cameraman and his camera.

12:06 am

A big tit movie is never complete without an awesome tit-fucking scene. In Busted 2 it just happens to be a tit fuck ‘death scene’ where Kandi Cox gets tit fucked to death. If you ask me, Tony the Boner (Dino) should have died of a heart attack while plunging his hard cock between her two mountainous mammary glands. Kandi wanted to suck on something so she wrapped her wet mouth around Dino’s stiff member then he plunged it into her tight cunt. After a few strokes, Dino wanted to tit fuck her again. He realized he was out of lube so he walked off my set and wandered around the building looking for some. Mr. Bravo ended up on the set of a teen reality show naked asking them if they had a bottle of lube he could borrow. In my thirteen-year career, that was a first.

4:08 am

After we filmed the movies big car chase on the streets of Los Angeles it was time to shoot my last sex scene with Ron Jeremy and Whitney Wonders.

The chemistry between them was extremely hot and I have to admit my tight little pussy was getting very wet; which made it difficult for me to hold my camera still. So I climbed onto the top of a police car to brace myself while Ron fucked Whitney on the hood doggie style, outside. She slid off the hood, opening her mouth swallowing his big throbbing cock. Ron then threw her over the trunk of the car and fucked her until he shot his creamy load all over Whitney’s big tits!

6 am
That’s a wrap, until next time….
Lot ’s of Kisses,
Elizabeth Starr


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